This gathering of female business owners, artists, activists, entrepreneurs & members of our community is to facilitate women coming together to celebrate & empower one another!

With no spirit of competition. No disrespect. No egos, no hatred & no hidden agenda - QC Femme Fest is a celebration of the women in our community. A place to be edified, encouraged & engaged.

“You can only truly rely on yourself, it’s time we as women acknowledge & act upon this truth. That’s what this event is all about.” – Jessica Law, Founder, QC Femme Fest

Our goal is to support ALL WOMEN regardless of their craft. We believe in honoring the strength & courage required to create an empire all your own, the way you see fit. We understand the difficulties we as females must overcome & hope to inspire & encourage others to BE BOLD, TAKE THE LEAD & LIVE FEARLESSLY!!

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